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Take a look on our Aluminum fabrication and production Factories which are capable of producing different types of façade systems.

Check out our Glass factories which are one of the largest factories in Lebanon, including a variety of automated and advanced machines.

When it comes to cladding, our Aluminum Composite Panels factory has the most developed CNC machines that can execute any design you request.


Since its establishment in 1961, Hijazi Aluminum Systems has become a leading organization in the glass and aluminum industry.

In 2002, Hijazi aluminum systems has cooperated with the most leading aluminum companies in the world (i.e. schuco, hueck, cwct & many others) where it managed to take over projects in different countries and regions.

Starting from 2004 till present time, Hijazi aluminum systems has succeeded in developing its glass and aluminum industry and introduced its curving glass production line along with the revolutionary new line of lamination.

Today, Hijazi aluminum systems owns a diversity of systems from manual to motorized as well as solar and thermal resistance systems which meet the market demands in quality and innovation requirements.

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Al-Tiro Road - Choueifat, Lebanon

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